During the beginning of April 2021 SlamMyVan was financially hit by two customers who booked appointments for work to be carried out and took advantage of our generous and welcoming nature.
One customer made a bank transfer in excess of £650.00 which was reversed by the bank as fraud (now reimbursed 29/04/21) and another customer a few days later filed a Chargeback through Paypal. Not before rifling through the reception office desk and stealing the petty cash tin! (Court summons now served.)
No doubt this individual is driving around with a huge grin on their face whilst their vehicle is fitted with our parts.

Staff who carried out the work remain unpaid to date and because of this SlamMyVan has regrettably had to remove BACS transfer, Paypal and payment by cheque as methods of payment.
SlamMyVan is now a cash only business. Whether this changes in the future depends on the good nature of customers.
We know the majority of customers are law abiding citizens looking for a good service. However there will always be some rotten eggs in the bunch looking to take advantage of the service we offer for personal gain.

We hope you understand our position at SlamMyVan.

Matt, Paul and John.

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