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SlamMyVan was founded due to a complete lack of availability to lower Ford Transits.
Of course there are a plethora of companies willing to lower the rear of a vehicle using lowered leaf springs, but this is where the buck stops.

These companies do not lower the front of the vehicle or offer the parts needed to be able to lower the remainder of the vehicle.

Anyone can lower the rear of a vehicle, but that is only a fraction of the job completed!

Although our pricing is cheaper than our competitors we have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no need to charge £220.00+ for lowering the rear of a vehicle and when you see our pricing you will realise that SlamMyVan is making it affordable for customers to lower their vehicle as well as giving discounts on parts fitted as part of the lowering process.

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We specialise in lowering Ford vehicles, for our full list make sure to check our pricing page


We work with major suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the best parts are fitted to our customer’s vehicles


We do our best to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with the work we carry out.


Our aim is to bring you a quality yet afford service. Our pricing is sensible and has been designed with our customers in mind.

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